1st attempt at Rob Cosman wood hinge

Process is a little finicky, but worked far better than expected. I’ll be doing this again, although I’d like a better process for making dowels. Making the hinge dowel from the same stock as the box is key.

Box is Ash, salvaged from a friends firewood pile. Inlay is Padauk and Zebrawood, dividers white oak.


nicely done!!! beautiful character…
what process are you using to make your dowels???

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Making a square, then an octagon which is oversized by 1/32 or so, then chucking it in a drill and running it through a dowel plate. Works Ok, but is a bit slow.


if a dowel plate is dull it will slow you down a lot…

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Great design and workmanship, Craig, I love it! that should bring you 5 Stars!

Once I found that technique of Robs, I use it a lot. Even for unconcealed hinges.the biggest problem I had with the dowel segments was drilling the hole in the center. Rob came out with a centering tool that solved that problem, and it works great .
I have the Vertis dowel makers and the use a square strip and clamp in a vise. Then are fed through with a square socket on a drill motor.


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same here…
does a very good job…

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Craig, how did you do the inlays?
I have tried that several times and only have about 50% success rate. Using a trim router and the brass bushings and insert in the router base for larger ones, but that doesn’t work for the inlays like the steam coming off the cup.

Thanks Herb, somehow I’d missed that Veritas tool. That’s exactly what I need to streamline this process!

I do all my inlays with the Shaper. Pricey, but a very versatile tool once you get used to it. The inlay was the fastest part of the project, less than 2 hours.

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You just gave me a couple of ideas. Maybe I could use the router table. Also might try the pant0gragh for the small ones. Thanks.
That is what this forum is for ,to trigger ideas on how to make things different ways or designs.

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Wow. Very nicely done. I like the inlay work.