A little multifunction cart I made

Hello everyone. I moved back to the PNW after a stint in Texas, but the lone star state just plain got too hot for me and my wife. Not to mention my two oldest daughters live up here with my grandkids! We could just afford to live in Ferndale, Washington but we often find ourselves driving to Corvallis Oregon for the business of being grandparents.
I found metric plans for this cart years ago and it was interesting to build. The height is adjustable, and the top turns upside down to hold clamps for glue ups. If the top is moved to the tilted position it can be used to move sheet goods, and if the top is moved to the vertical position it can be set up as a drying rack.


Dave, this rack of yours is 1st rate… out right impressive…


That’s really cool! What kind of hardware did you use? Did you make the knobs yourself. They look good.

Also, does the drying rack stuff somehow store in cart as well? I can’t quite picture how it all fits.

WOW,Dave there is a lot of good work you put into that, good job. That would make a great addition to the shop, especially for finishing. I wonder if the plans are available online? Do yo have a source of the plans<like a name or magazine?

The only real hardware is some screws, and the wheels. The rest is made. I did make the knobs. Got a wood tap and die set to make them. The dryer rack part does fit in the back of the base under the tabletop. Its like a big open till.


I need to find the plan. I think I still have them. the guy who designed it is a farmer in Germany. he has a shop that is to i drooled over when I watched the you-tube videos of him using the table! Lots of room and big industrial woodworking machines. I remember following a thread on the Festool Owner’s Group (FOG) and there was discussion about the guy not answering his e-mails any more. He was selling the plans on the internet and I think he may have had them in metric and imperial. Do a search for Benchworks videos on you-tube. He shows the cart and a rolling work table as well. Cool stuff he designed and made. His name is Timothy Wilmots.

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