A puzzel Box wuth sliding dovetails

A few years ago, I made a puzzle box. The puzzle part is in the unlocking the box. You have to slide the dovetail latches in the right combination to lift off the top.


Neat. Do the latches connect to each other, so you have to find the spot that works for both ends? Or can you move them independently?

the dovetail slides will only slide one way each. facing the box on the keyhole side, the right end dovetail slides to the left.
The the dovetail slide on the back center slides towards the front,
Then the top lifts off
The dove tails will not slide any other way.
It is built such that the upper (fixed) dovetails and the lower ones look alike.
The key hole is to give the appearance that a key is necessary to open the box.

Pretty simple, I gave it to my sister for Christmas that year and she figured it out in less than 2 minutes. Oh Well I tried.

The center slide will not move from back to front until the right end of the long slide is moved all the way to the left.
It never occurred to me if the top could be rotated 180° and still slide down,Hmmm. If everything is perfect, it should.

Ah. Thanks for explaining the puzzle mechanism a bit more. Sounds really fun. :grinning: