Acacia Koa wood available

I have a large supply of Koa. it comes from a sustainable source. There are a lot of small pieces 1.5 in thick that would be very suitable for turning projects. I would be happy to allow any of the membership to comb thru the scrap box for anything they might have a use for. There is also a milk crate full of 3/16 thick panels around 8 x 15 that are available for free. i am starting a project to donate quality hardwoods into local school wood shops. The hope is to inspire future craftsmen by giving them access to high quality materials that they otherwise could not afford. If any of you have a worthy candidate in need of this kind of support please let me know. Beyond that I do sell some of the wood. The wholesale price is $20 a bd ft and that will be extended to members. I also would be very willing to trade some for some lathe tutoring. I have a new lathe and no idea where to start with it.


Where are you located, Bill?

Smokey Point near Lake Goodwin

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I have never worked with Koa, and would like to try some. Can I stop by sometime next week?

Be sure to show us a picture, I am not familiar with it either.

The thing about koa is the wide range of hues. I enclosed a picture of a cone type charcuterie with an oil finish board and a panel that I wetted on one end to bring out the grain

It is pretty hard to bring out the chatoyancy that the wood can have, but depending on the piece it is quite lovely.

Oh My, the difference between the unfinished wood and the wetted wood is unbelievably beautiful. Thank you for showing that.

it is some seriously beautiful wood…
this is from the Wood Data Base…
Koa | The Wood Database (Hardwood)

I have uploaded some more pictures for examples. These are pieces of 1/4" panels. I gave one side a rough sand and hit it with a light coat of polycrylic the other side is as is. Needs more but hopefully it will give you an idea of how this stuff lights up when finished. The really good pieces have a depth and ripple that almost looks 3d. Color ranges from almost alder white to a very dark mahogany. The rippled grain can make it tough to work with. Sometimes the drum sander is preferable to the planer, just depends on the piece. As always I am more than happy to share if you want to experiment. I have lots of bits and pieces that I will give away for free.


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Oweee the grain in that is outstanding the way it pops out when a finish is applied.

oh Bill…
that is some gorgeous wood…
If I was closer to you your stash would be in jeopardy…

if you wipe the wood w/ mineral spirits it will temporally show it’s character…
I rarely if ever use water based finished… I like my oil base… w/o thinking, this is why I said use MS as a wipe…
if you are using water based finishes a safer bet is to use DNA for the wipe…

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These were just scraps for show and tell. I gave them a finish that wouldn’t dry out so I could tote them around. Butcher block oil gives a nice result as well

On a positive note I was able to trade several large slabs like the one pictured to E&E Lumber in Marysville. I received $1200 + in new Milwaukie power tools. I donated the tools to Foracure NW. It is an organization that raises funds in support of the Children"s Hospital high risk leukemia ward. We used them as auction prizes and raised a good deal of money. I just joined the board of directors for this group and am quite proud of the work they do. When we have another event you may find me asking for donations. Boxes cutting boards and other small pieces always do well and I am sure that some of the work I have seen from this group would be a knockout. As always I will happily supply raw materials if you would like. I have over a cord of wood here that has been drying for a year.



your mind set is to be admired…

Bill, that is a great deal you got for the lumber, and a good cause for the tools too. I used to donate cutting boards to school auctions and they brought up to $125. That was several years ago. Those people who go to those auctions are quite generous.