An end table for the Deck

The fellow that owned the sawmill where I used to go and pick up slabs and free lumber, gave me some Redwood and asked me to make him an end table for his deck to go with his Adirondack chair.


Looks good, and no hardware in sight! Making something like that with joinery only is definitely on my bucket list.

This was made from 14"+ wide boards and they were starting to cup so I split them down the middle, and assembled them so that the grain continuity still was maintained. The top has thru tenons w/a thin wedge to tighten them and the tressel has the same with a knock-out wedge to tighten it up. If you look closely the cleats on the legs are glued and screwed, w/ plugs to cover the screw heads.


you are class act all in your own Herb…

I left it up to him to finish and the next time I saw it he had used oil finish, USED MOTOR OIL!
It looked terrible. Guess it is my fault,he asked me if an oil finish was OK for outside furniture, and I said “OK”…

that’s just too much…



So what does that look like? Black and smudgy?

Yes, that too. greasy and grainy, not recommended. The love seat. I would hesitate to sit in for fear of getting oil stains on my clothes. They are sitting outside on a covered deck, but open all sides to the weather.