Bandsaw maintenance

My bandsaw squeals when I pause during a cut. I think the upper guide thrust bearing is the source of the noise. It doesn’t appear to be overly worn. Should I replace it or just ignore the noise?

Is it a side bearing or the one on the back edge? Mine has cool blocks on the sides and a fixed ceramic wheel on the back edge of the blade. The ceramic wheel is fixed,doesn’t turn. it is mounted sideways and the blade rubs a slot in the side. If the slot wears too much I loosen the center screw and rotate the wheel to start another slot.

Likely it is something that under pressure (when cutting) stops vibrating or firms up contact and no longer squeals. I vote for the back block. Does it change with blade tightness or when adjusting the block spacing? I don’t think it is anything to worry about. I would be more concerned if it squeals when NOT cutting. That might speak more to a bad bearing.

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I’m with Hal, if it is not heating up anythig, ,or causing a problem just let it be. Is this happening on both straight cuts an curved cuts?


Yes, but mostly on Straight cuts. It may not be as pronounced on curved cuts since I use a smaller blade. I will pay attention to that and let you know the result.


Allen here is an article that might help.
I forgot to ask if all width blades do that.
I can’t recall mine making a noise different than it always did,but of course I can’t hear any of the high frequency sounds anyway.

I used 3 coats of Shellac

I found a picture of the ceramic guide on the back side of blade. Herb
Ceramic guide

my vote is the bearing that the back edge of the blade rides against…
get a replacement and keep it on hand…

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