Couple recent small projects

Couple projects completed in the last month or so. using up some oak I have and exploring long tapers, india ink and finishes, and learning about all wood drawers.


That’s some beautiful oak in the top pic.

For the drawers, it looks like you have a recessed slot for the runners in the side of the drawer. What do those connect to? Wood? Did you do anything to keep them running smooth?

Hey Tim - for the 5 drawer box i routed 1/4" wide and deep grooves in the drawer sides as well as the case. Then i ripped some of the same oak, sanded them down snug, rounded the front of them, flush cut at the back panel. After they were glued i sanded the projecting slide down a bit to lessen the binding for the drawer action. Stained, waxed all surfaces.

Lesson for me on that was to add more tolerance as im now getting some binding after the case has been indoors in an office getting used to warmer temp. Im going to let it settle out for a few weeks and then do a round of sanding on the drawer sides and drawer grooves. Reapply some wax and see how it goes.


That makes sense. Thanks for explaining.

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Saying WOW! isn’t enough…
this is some beautiful work…

Absolutely stunning work! How long did it take you?

Couple weekends basically.

Thanks for posting Joe. Lots of nice details on that single drawer box–use of grain, proportions, the harmonious but not parallel curves of the base, even the off-center position of the drawer pull.

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The grain wrap on that one is nice. I’ll bring it by the next meet up at woodcraft. people seem to like it. cheers