Curly maple slabs

Picked up some curly maple a few days ago while I was visiting a source I know. It is all cut to a full 2in, +. Sizes very greatly, some will make good turning stock others can be strip cut for whatever. A lot is live edge. It is all green. I left a lot there and more comes from time to time but I am out of storage space so I cannot use anymore. If anybody would like some I am happy to share. If you want a bunch I can pick up a load next time I am there. I am just asking for gas money as it is about a 100 mile round trip.

Hi Bill,

I would love some of the maple. I would probably use it for glue-ups and cutting boards. I don’t have a lathe (yet!?).

BTW, I have been playing around with the Koa. Made a few coasters. I tried planning it, but wow, is that grain crazy! Had lots of tearout. I will have to stick with sanding.

I’m out of town for the next 2 wks, so will get in touch when I’m back to arrange another visit.


Boy, that is great stuff for small projects, If I wasn’t full up right now, I would grab it.