Disston saw rebuilder and hand sharpening provider needed

I need to locate a shop that can recondition/ sharpen, and replace a handle on my Disston long (28) back saw for a Stanley Miter Box. there just does not seem to be anything on the Internet searches that can do this. I live in Alaska and have no issues with shipping charges.

Hi John,
You might try: Contact – Eastside Saw & Sales

They are a first class business, and have an internet service.

Herb is correct about Eastside being a great place, but they are mostly retail sales, I think. They set aside all blade and saw sharpening jobs so that the truck from Superior Saw in Tacoma can pick them up. Those people are top notch and when I’ve called them I’ve been able to talk to people who actually do the work. It’s way more fun and I usually learn a few things.
As for the handle, I would enjoy repairing that one or making a new one for you. It would not be the first saw handle I’ve made.


It looks like Superior Saws can do the work I need.
Thanks for the lead.