Down Draft Box from Rockler Plan

This is the second Down Draft box I have made. The first one was the Rockler model EZPlan with smaller holes.

Rockler Downdraft Plan.pdf (903.5 KB)

I found that the smaller holes seemed to cut down on the amount of air flow to catch the dust.
Another change I made was to add 3 sides to the top above the grid this made a major difference for some reason. Between enlarging the hole size and adding the sides, I am quite happy with the performance…

I had a choice of drill bits, I experimented on a piece of scrap and determined the spade bit with the edge spurs was the best, cutting from both sides,


I used a trim router and a 1/4rd bit to round the edges of the holes

Then came the spindle sander to smooth the inside of the holes.

To use the spindle sander I made a jig to block up the work so I didn’t have to turn the sander off/on between holes,just lift off for the next hole.

I screwed down the tops so they didn’t rattle,using a countersink to set the screws below the surface to eliminate scratching the work.

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One thing I forgot to mention was the material I used to make the box.
I used MDO 1/2" thick plywood. I use this for all the shop cabinets and drawers. After years of using this in concrete form work, it became my plywood of choice for anything painted or outdoors exposure too. The MDO stands for Medium Density Overlay. It is an exterior plywood that has a Mylar coating that is nice and smooth. The sign companies use it extensively, and no voids between plys. Most LUMBER YARDS carry it,not sure about Lowes or HD. It comes in 1/2" and 3/4" thickness, either one sided overlay or two sided. I prefer the 2 sided. Of course it costs a little more,cheaper than Baltic Birch, but adds a lot of quality and durability to your projects.

nicely done…
can I suggest an egg crate grille for the top instead of a drilled plywood …

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a helpful air flow chart for your table…
Downdraft Table Plans.pdf (112.3 KB)

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