Duanes' Firelog Box

My friend Duane had a bad accident while camping out. A huge wind storm came up and he was standing talking with his friends when this tree fell on him from behind. He is all crippled up now, and in a wheel chair. He asked me to make him something out of a block cut from the tree,so I made him a log box.


Well done sir! The wooden ‘hardware’ is a nice touch

Thank you for the compliments.
This was a cedar tree, and the bark came loose, so I glued it back on with Titebond II. The whole project was coated with a brush-on clear poly urethane finish, 2-3 coats to seal it from crumblings.


Very creative. I love it, especially the “hardware”.

Welcome to the forum,David, and thank you for the comments.

Beautiful, Herb!
The hardware shows your expertise, good will and kind feelings, the piece of log shows the heave mass, the legs make it a piece of furniture.
Given the history of this tree, and the fact that your friend will be looking at this log box, I wonder if it will make him feel like looking at it from the distance or smash it on the floor because it crippled him? And did he improve ? Is he out of the wheelchair ?

He seemed to like it when I presented it to him. I have not been able to personally see him since the pandemic, but last I heard he was on crutches and slowly improving.
Thank you for your concern and kind words.

you mind and talent works in some mighty fine ways Herb…

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