Embarrassing drawer - FREE

I hesitated to put this in the forum because, as is certainly obvious to all, it’s not a particularly good drawer but I also hate to waste and if it would be useful to someone it’s free!

The drawer is also angled (the front is at a 40 degree angle) so the measurements are multiples:

Box: 15" across, 18" deep at the top, 20 3/8" deep at the bottom, the box is 10 7/8" tall and made of 1/2" mystery wood.
Front: 15 3/4" wide, 14.5" tall made of 3/4" mystery wood

drawer hardware included.

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My guess the cabinet had a sloping front. Do you have the cabinet it came from?
Is the front solid wood or manufactured wood?
I don’t suppose you have the other half of the drawer guides? The ones inside the cabinet?
It could be squared up on the front to make a regular drawer, too, by cutting the sides and the bottom of the front square with the sides.
It would make a box too, by cutting the front off square with the sides , and using the subfront and trimming it to fit back on the drawer box square to the sides.
A good table saw project.

Yes, we have the cabinet - it’s actually part of a desk that my wife decided to keep using - but wanted to replace the drawer file cabinet with one that could get rolled in and out. I have all the hardware.

And, you’re right, I could modify it for some other purpose - but before doing that, and knowing my inclination to pack up my limited space with things I’ll “get to eventually” I thought I’d offer it to members who might have a need for it as it is or are more disciplined about keeping the clutter of projects underway to a minimum.


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