End Grain Projects II

This involves making a “Log” out of a sheet of 3/4" Russian Birch Plywood. Russian Birch is similar to Baltic birch, but not as high of quality of the inner plys. It has more solid knots and bark on the inner layers.
I ripped it on the table saw into pieces approximately, 24"L X 12" wide and glued a stack of them up 12" hi. Then ripped them on the band saw into boards about 7/8" thick showing the edge grain across the board.


Here is a small box made of a piece of spalted apple wood from a firewood piece about 16" long, sliced cross grain on the band saw. It took 4 pieces glued together to make the top. The voids were filled with clear epoxy.

The tiny holes in the top and sides are bug holes.


you are in a class all your own in the talent department…

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