Field Trip: FacingHomelessness


Saturday, February 26th, our club had the first of our field trips since the outbreak of the pandemic and it was, by all accounts, an auspicious beginning to field trips for this year.

Six fellow members and I went to learn more about the folks behind FacingHomelessness and lend a hand in the construction efforts involved in building one of their small homes. Visit the website to learn more about this amazing organization but, in short, their effort, called “The Block Project,” has them build small homes that are placed in residential backyards in our area.

On this field trip were:

Mitch Reinitz
Pascal Herzer
Yuka Mullen
David Hannaford
Craig Colomb
Jeannie Grassi

Providing the background and guidance during our visit to their manufacturing facility were Jen Awe and Berns Troyer.

I think the group of volunteers was impressed with the thoroughness of the operations: from the documentation on the build process, the care in the selection of materials to the amazing jigs used during construction – it was all amazing (and fun!).

Follow the link below to see some pictures:

Photos NWWA Volunteer Day

Based on the response of those attending I will be planning more of these - let me know if you’d be interested.


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