Free Hardwood

I have a considerable amount of hardwood that I need removed. You need to take all or nothing. This wood was purchased about 33 years ago for $600, has been stickered, stacked, and under a good tarp all this time. I am not sure what all the species are, but I think some are either cherry or walnut. There are a lot of 8/4 pieces, some 10 feet long.

My wife has convinced me that I will not be using this wood, so I want to give it to someone who will. I cannot help loading this, and if you are using a pickup to haul it, you will need a red flag for the end of the boards.

Please email me at to arrange a pickup.

Welcome to the forum, @Terry, and what a generous offer.

I can’t take all the lumber, but if some others are interested, maybe we can all show up together some time and remove it all at once.

I also have 2 questions:

  1. What city is this in?
  2. What is the overall dimension of the stickered stack? Looks like 10’ long, 5’ tall, 3’ deep?


Hello gents,
I’m very interested, and I could take all. @rtwfroody if you’d like to help load we could split it up.

So the real question is where & when?

@cvcolomb I’d be happy to help out in exchange for some of the boards. I doubt I’d even want half.

My apologies for the slow response time - my wife and I have both been under the weather for a couple of days.

I would be happy if you and Craig Colomb could pick this up this Saturday afternoon. I would appreciate it if you would tell me how to contact you off this forum, since I don’t want to list my address or phone number in public.