Free Steel Table

I have a steel table coming out of my shop that’s available for free. It’s 72" long, 34" deep and 34" high. I’ve uploaded a picture which, hopefully, I did properly and you can see the table.
Let me know if you’re interested by the end of day this Sunday - otherwise I’ll find another home for it.

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Is the top steel also?
Approx weight?

It’s all steel - so not your typical woodworker’s bench. I have to admit that, for expediency sake, it’s mate is my primary workbench (with a 1/2 inch of plywood over the steel top). So I definitely loose some points among purists.

No idea of the weight but it’s all I can do to lift the top. It comes in four pieces: the top, two leg units on each end, and a shelf. I got the pair about 40 years ago as part of a barter for some sorting tables.


The table is gone - but sunny skies have returned!