Free unbacked wood veneer

I estimate there are at least 1000 square feet of various species. Various widths and lengths up to 8 feet in length. There are a few exotics but no burls.I would like to give away the entire amount to be picked up in Seattle at one time. Contact me for more information.


Wow, what a deal. At this time I am filled up, but looks like some veneer there too. Is that cedar siding?

It is a great deal. What you see in the photos is all veneer, 2 stacks.

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Duh, I must have misread your subject title, it says “veneer”.

Is this from that raffle we had 6 or so years ago? Any maple? I’m interested but can’t really do anything until after the 20th.

Hey Mark, This veneer is not from the raffle. I got it from high end cabinet and woodworking shop that closed years ago. I haven’t looked through it lately but I think there is some maple. i would like whoever takes it to take all the veneer. I will be out of town until June 15th anyway. How about getting back to me after the 20th if you are still interested. Thanks, Richard

I had a bunch from the free raffle we had years ago, and I laid them up onto 6",8’,10", 12" rips of plywood for making things out of.
Still have a few left,but they came in handy for small projects.