Gift card holders

Made a couple of gift card holders. Should only take a few minutes. A few hours later…

Maple and cherry. Mostly followed the directions found on Wood Gift Card Holders – Woodworking for Mere Mortals. I used a trim router to make the recess (before gluing). That worked great, except the depth adjustment on my trim router has quite a bit of slop, and it was fiddly to get it just right. To get the cards to not just slide out the fit has to be pretty good, and these two gift cards have different enough thickness that you can’t change up which holder contains which.


Good job, Tim, sometimes the small projects take more time than larger ones. I like the choice of wood grain too, LH one looks like maple and the other like cherry. Are they gift cards ,or credit card size?

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nice work Tim…
you sure have an eye for selecting character…

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The gift cards I got are credit card sized. (They are not the same thickness, so if I were to swap the cards into the other holder, one would fall out and the other wouldn’t fit in because it’s too snug.)