Gravity is bad. Poor Chisel

Well. I guess it was only a matter of time. Right on the floor.:sob:

there’s hope for this poor unfortunate chisel…
we can see it in the elbow grease…


In your next shop you can install rubber flooring to avoid problems like this. :grinning: Or you can go with @Stick486’s elbow grease approach.

I ran accross an article in fine woodwork that I use. I don’t particularly like the elbow grease way.

I took my old bench grinder and unbolted the base,turned it around and replaced the base. This causes the grinder to reverse rotation.
then I bought 2 mandrels to mount on the each end of the shafts.
Then I purchased a Lapidary kit from an outfit on Widby Island WA that had an 8"dia. lapidary polishing wheel, and 2 carborundum 120 gt. belts. On the opposite side I mounted 3 cloth buffing wheels for 3 diamond polishing compound bars, red green and white.

If I have a chisel that has a larger nick out of it, I gently take the nick out on my bench grinder and then go to the lapidary wheel. First to the carborundum belt then the diamond polish. It takes less than 2 minute to make a sharp edge you can see your face in.


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I also have a WorkSharp that does an excellent job of sharpening chisels and plane blades. I adapted it to diamond discs which gives an even sharper edge in a fraction of time.

why wait for the next shop…

Boy they have sure come a long way on tile flooring,

Yes, yes they have…

I do have some foam mats under my workbench so it wasn’t a complete disaster.

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Somethings wrong here. Too clean. Do you even cut wood?


Haha, yeah fair point.

Seriously though, this is like shop #6 and I wanted to be able to clean up easily. Those are snap-together plastic tiles, cost a bit over $1/sq. ft. Installed in an afternoon, and well worth it.

Glossy surface is easy to clean, paint and glue generally don’t stick but feels plenty secure walking around.

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Are those glue down, Craig? I just use the foam ones that woodcraft sells, in front of the work bench.

same here but they’re from a BBS…

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They’re not glue-down, there’s no pad, they are simply lying on the concrete. You can drive on them too.

Price seems to have gone up a bit tho, imagine that…

IncStores ⅜ Inch Thick Nitro Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles | Plastic Floor Tiles for a Stronger and Safer Garage, Workshop, Shed, or Trailer | 12”x12” Tiles, Diamond, Graphite, Pack of 52 - - AmazonSmile


But are they Forest Green, Stick??

they are if you want that color…

Craig, those are pretty cool, I have not seen those before,quite the method for interlocking, I think I like that better than the dovetail interlock because the tongue is fully protected from damage.