Happy 4th of July, Doweling Jig

I wish all of you a Happy 4th of July weekend, and be safe and have a good time with your families.
Several of you will remember the Doweling jigs I made for a December meeting many moons ago, and maybe tried them out to see how they work.
Here are the pictures of how they were made. The drill bits and Bushings are readily available on the internet.



you are something Herb…
that is a well thought out project… not to mention well done…

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I also might mention that this jig can be used for mortising a leg to a rail, by moving it along and making more than one hole inline both at end of rails and sides of the legs. Or if preferred clean out the ribs with a chisel and make floating tenons. A simple jig will have to be made to aline the drill jig according to what is being mortised.