Have you ever built a Harp

A friend of my sons’, a musician and singer , brought me a sketch of a harp he designed and wanted me to build one for him. I am not a musician, or never made an instrument before, but he insisted so here is the results.

After he took it home ,I thought I would make one for myself, just for a conversation piece.

So then I had to make the pedestal to set it on.


How does it sound? It looks great.

Welcome to the forum,Jon.
I am not an authority on sound, sort of hard of hearing the high notes to boot. Last I heard he had revised some internal connecting of the strings to make it louder and sound better to him.

He wanted it to be a break down harp for easy transporting. So 4 bolts is all that is required to disassemble. He has done some refinement to the disassembly lately, but this was the way it looked when he took it home, and the same as mine disassembles. The harp body is in one piece (not shown), just the sound box disassembly.



the character and warmth is outstanding Herb…

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