Humidor For Cigars

Here is a Humidor I made for a friend who requested it. I can’t remember what kind of wood this was. It was a board I saw at Cross-cut Hardwoods at Seattle. The color and the grain attracted me, so I bought it,thinking I would make something special out of it. It was a 1X6X about 6’ long smooth 2 sides.


Looks good. How did you make the pull? Looks like too small a piece to run through the router to get that profile as-is.

Tim, I used a 1/8" quarter round bit in my Dremel, and a 1/4’ dia, bullnose bit. and the small Dremel Routerbase.

The handle is doweled in place with toothpick 2 dowels and glue.
Dremel bits

When I do thiese small pieces, I start with stock that is 3 to 4 times longer than needed . That way I can hold onto the ends and make cuts between the ends ,then chop out what I want to save and throw the ends away.It saves fingers to do it that way.

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I’ve never used the Dremel router base (did not even know it existed!). Perhaps you could demo that at our Zoom meeting? Thanks.