IsGood woodworks - an update

Hi everyone - wanted to pop in and introduce myself.

IsGood woodworks community shop has been around in the SODO area of Seattle for about 15 years and maybe another 15 before that as a cabinet shop. It was run by John Blunt who has been around Seattle for a long time - besides the wood work he’s been involved in the Freemont Arts council and many other things.

John has been fighting cancer for the past 18 months and it became very aggressive after the holidays and he passed away at the end of February.

I’ve been working for him as a shop help for the last few years and I’m going to be continuing the business. We have a 3,000 sq foot shop with all the big tools that you expect to see in a commercial shop. After a little training or a class its open for unsupervised use when we are open. We have several membership packages or for low usage you can be a member for a small amount and then just pay by the hour.

Its all been a very fast change and its quite chaotic right now. Right now the classes are on hold but I hope to have some basic ones back on the site soon.

I’ll be at the meeting on the 30th so look forward to meeting some of you there.



Great news Andy, this is what is really needed in this area. There are often inquiries about shop space by people who want to build things and need a space to do it.
I wish you the best of luck on getting this up and running. I would be interested in being a member, just to support the cause.

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Thanks for the update, @andydunn. Sorry to hear about John’s passing. I only met him briefly but he was helpful, passionate, and informative.

I look forward to seeing you at this month’s meeting. Relatedly, we don’t have a presenter/topic for the May 25 meeting yet. Would you be open to hosting us that evening, including a shop tour? We all like seeing tools that don’t fit in our own workshops, and I bet there are some interesting stories there. :slight_smile:



Sounds like a great idea. I should be mostly cleared up and sorted by May (that’s a story for sure… 30 years of cabinet makers hoarding). I don’t have anything to present but I can do a tour and Q&A for sure

Drop me an email and we will sort out the logistics