Kindling box

I recently completed a kindling box based largely on plans i purchased from Matt Kenney. Ive not done much previous work with mortise and tenon or dovetails so i wanted to test on some poplar for the economics of it. I simplified the design both by accident/error and choice. I plan to use this to store 6 inch and 4 inch lengths of wood for use in our Solostove Mesa Xl tabletop fireplace. Drawer will have some misc fire starters, matches, etc.

Im planning to make another out of beech that I have on hand and have the wood processed. Originally I planned to do them both at the same time but didnt go through with the beech.

Lessons learned: seat time with the d4r pro, sharpen the chisels better, dont skip stuff because its hard or because i havent done it


Those are good-looking dovetails! I also like the design that makes the top seemingly hover over the bottom.

Why does the drawer box have a drawer front glued to it? Seems like you just have easily put the handle straight onto box. Am I missing something?

That is some 1st rate work al the way around…
I like it … A lot!!!..


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Im still learning drawers. In this case i changed my mind in approach mid stream and thats how it came out.

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I like rebated rabbits for drawer corners…
Simple and very strong…
Joinery - #5 by Stick486 (you’ll need to scroll down a bit)…

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Haha, your detail orientation is showing. Even the kindling is square-cut to identical lengths!

I respectfully disagree with @Stick486. Drawers are an excellent opportunity to get in more dovetail practice.

Lovely piece, thanks for sharing.

DT’s on the fronts and rebates on the back corners…