Kitchen cabinet built

I went about making the cabinet boxes in steps. 1st i cut 3.5 sheets in half so the would be manageable. Than i made a panel crosscut sled an squared them to width. With the fence i cut to length.
I routed a grove along the bottom of each for the bottom shelf. Then i separate them as the left and right sides to cut out the toe kick and grove for the back panel. Now I have complete left and right sides read to assemble.
Finally I cut the bottom and the top skirts to size.

For assembly i used my new festool domino. Once I figured it out it went very smoothly. But it was very frustrating at first.

On to making face frames.


This is the kind of project that looks straightforward until you actually have to do it all. :slight_smile:
The cases look good, although I do see some pocket screws there too, not just domino.

those carcases sure came out well done… strong too by the looks of them…

Yes. There are pocker screws. I choose the largest case to do first for some reason and didn’t quite have the Domino diled in. I had to make some “custom” connections when I was angry and frustrated. The term F-ing stupid a$$ Domino may have been involved.

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The term F-ing stupid a$$ Domino may have been involved.

But with more dollar signs, presumably. :rofl:

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You are doing a fine job, quite a production line going. Looks like you even got the boss working too, can’t beat that. Looks like a whole tractor trailer of plywood. Thats the way to do it, do the hard part first, when you try to learn a new system (Domino) it all takes time and patience.

just curious how you are doing w/ your cabinets…