Lumber supplier in Mt Vernon / Burlington / Anacortes area

I just moved up north and Crosscut is a bit far of a drive. Is there a good hardwood dealer near the Anacortes / Burlington / Mt Vernon area?


Welcome to the forum Seth. Good luck on your move that is one of the prettiest places in the state. I can’t help you with the lumber store as I live south of Seattle, if you find one on your 0wn, please post it for all to see.
Here is a link for you to check out:


Thanks! It is a lovely area. I will indeed share any resources I find!

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Herb, do you have any recommendations south of Seattle? Specifically around the Tacoma area?

Welcome to the forum Jstaff.

Edensaw is one of our sponsors,and they have a Tacoma location; Products | Edensaw Woods Seattle WA Supplier

I have been buying most of mine from estate sales or off Craigs list, and when I need a special wood I go to Cross Cut,Rockler,or Woodcraft.
There used to be a fellow on craigs list that sold pickup loads of maple beam end cut offs 3’- 4’ long for $250. that I bought. They were all dried and planed,various thicknesses.
Keep an eye open for woodworkers that are retiring and selling off their tools, they usually have a stash of wood for a reasonable price.

Another source I had were these little bandsaw,(WoodMiser) wildcatters around that saw a lot of local lumber usually have alder,maple available ruff sawn you can get for a good price. I had one in Blackdiamond I used for years until he went out of business.

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I am Arlington based. Martin lumber in Everett is pretty good and E&E in Marysville has a little bit as does Arlington Hardware. I have a good supply of curly maple and Koa if either interests you. I sell to Woodcrafters so I can give you a much better deal than they will. My scrap pile is free for the taking. depends on what you want but there are a lot of small bits and pieces that may be of use. There is also a guy that sells slabs right next to Martin Lumber. I think the name is Stormo Hardwoods. Has some nice pieces but not cheap, fair just not cheap.


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Another place to consider is in Bellingham, Windsor Plywood. Might be just as far as crosscut, but you won’t have to hassle with Seattle traffic. As an added bonus, they are right around the corner from Grizzly, Grizzly has a nice showroom for their brand and others. Fun to “window shop”!

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