Medieval Wooden Padlocks

Pic.of a medieval horizontal padlock


Next is a violin horizontal padlock, there are 3 different,2 RH, and 1 LH.

RH. violin

Theze were made into wall plaques simulating double doors.

Here are a couple of attempts to make the shackles. The first I tried to steam bed wood laminate. I made a 2 piece form and steamed to pieces in a steam box and then tried to bend them in the form. It was too much work and the quality was marginal.

The next post will be the ancient Roman Padlocks



those I gotta see…

I found some more pictures of how I finally made the loops that I used.

This was the method I ended up with to laminate 3 layers about 1/4" thick together with the center layer the grain crosswise of the grain in the 2 outside layers.

See the broken one, these are solid Ash, that I did before I started laminating them.


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thank you Herb for sharing your wealth of knowledge…

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