Meeting ideas

Tim said there are no speakers or events lined up so I thought I’d start a topic for ideas.

There’s lots of things I’m inexperienced at that are way down my list to learn so I thought maybe we could bump some of them. Maybe you are all experts at some of these things but it might attract new members to learn some new skills.

I have a whole bunch of chisels that need some TLC - I have watched some videos on sharpening them but maybe we could have a chisel sharpening tutorial from someone expert in the idea. You can all come down to IsGood and help me make my chisel selection better :wink: [I have a fair number of god awful ones we could practise on before hitting the good ones!]. Or bring your own from home to sharpen. I have some stones and diamond cards and several grinders.

Then maybe I’d love some demos and hand on of dovetails, inlays, or other joints that can be done with the chisels we sharpened at a previous meeting. I’d need to talk with Tim and maybe my insurance about how to ensure people are covered while in the shop but we could work that out.

Any other ideas - I’m always glad to host if its something that needs a working shop (I assume woodcraft are not keen on that idea) as long as we can work out insurance.


Hi @andydunn , glad to see your meeting ideas here! Offer of space is also generous, but I get the need to check on liability, so won’t hold you to it.

Sharpening and Dovetails both good ideas. We did a dovetail session a few meetings ago, but it was specific to a Rob Cosman workflow and used a few of his specialized tools. I’m confident I could show a more general procedure, the old-fashioned way of a hand saw and chisel.

Sharpening also good, it’s so fundamental it’s always worth reviewing. I’d vote we do this one next - after all cutting a dovetail with a dull chisel sucks. I’d be happy to bring in my Sorby belt grinder, it’s terrific for reviving those awful/rusty/neglected treasures.

@rtwfroody what do you think?

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I love your ideas! Being able to practice sharpening on some bad ones is reassuring :grinning: I hope it happens! Thank you for starting the topic.

@AdamMC mentioned this in another thread:

I would love to learn more about sourcing lumber. Crosscut is great, but this is the PNW, there is great wood everywhere.

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