Need Volunteers to cut wood toy boats

I work with a STEM project where students and the public decorate wood toy boat (8" long, typically made by the Center for Wooden Boats). The boats are sent to the Arctic Ocean on icebreakers and we track the drift. Boats wash up on a distant shore and get reported years later.

We can provide scrap cedar 2x4s.
Here is the link to the project.
Contact if interested,


What a neat idea,David. Do you have any idea how many have been sent out and how many have been retrieved? Does the person cutting them out do the coloring, or someone else? What holds up the best crayon,ink pen,marker?

Hi Herb, A few thousand boats. About a dozen reports. Probably more retrieved but for the human factor. Person cutting can color them but the schools are the target. Pyrography pen is best for longevity. Thanks for your interest.

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hello Dave…
Herb asked the questions I had…
do the wooden boats need sealing??? and the cedar, is it Western Red as we live in the land of WRC???
can you post details on a boat’s construction???..
welcome David to the forum and KUDOS to you and your project…

Hi Stick,
You can see an example using a jigsaw here:

With a band saw, set the table angle to 15 degrees and cut the boat pattern. Here is a link to the pattern:

Western red is optimal. We use framing lumber too. We don’t seal them.
Thanks for the welcome and your interest.

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thanks thanks David…

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pssst… Herb…
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I already did.,thanks,

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