New bench vices

The leg vice I cut 7ish years ago with a borrowed wooden tap and die set broke. I thought it was a good time to install the benchcrafted vices I purchased 3 years ago.
The leg is rough shaped.
No my kitchen isn’t done. And no i haven’t cut a good dovetail yet.


You won’t regret that upgrade. I use mine every day.

That moving dog-hole looks pretty handy. Be sure to share the leg vise pic when that is done, too. Some day I’ll need the inspiration for my own bench.

I have a tap and die set if anyone needs to borrow one to make the wooden threads.
I also have (2) used under bench steel woodworking vises I will sell for $35.00 each for a bench I never got around to building.

@HerbStoops - what is the world coming to. Selling stuff you “didn’t get round to building”. If my wife finds out you are allowed to do that then I’m in trouble.

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There seems like a lot of things I never got around to building sorry to say. it wont be long til I have a whole shop going out the door. there will be some really good bargains for some people.

:joy: So would I! I actually found a box of hardware to make a sanding table with furnace filters around the sides. It was probably at least 10 years old. I built it and used it a little but got rid of it when I downsized. the person who bought it was VERY happy to get it.

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