NWWA Online Feb 24: Fusion 360

It’s been a while, but we have an official topic and presentation coming up this February! Based on feedback I got last meeting, I’ll be showing how you can use Fusion 360 to design woodworking projects. On that note, is there anything specifically you’re curious about? Drop a comment here. I’ll try to incorporate what people are interested in, although I can’t promise that I will.

In the meeting we’ll also do our best to give everybody a chance to show-and-tell and ask questions as usual, but there will be less time to go off on tangents as we often do.

The meeting will be at 6:30pm, Thusrday February 24. Zoom link.

See you there!

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Looking forward to this @rtwfroody ! I’ve used Fusion but I’m not good at it. Would be especially interested in seeing;

  • How to introduce parameters
  • How to link components for motion simulation (this might be outside of your scope though)

I plan to talk about parameters. I’ve only done very basic motion, and I doubt we’re going to get to it during this presentation.

Slides from the presentation: Fusion 360 Overview - Google Slides

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Thank you @rtwfroody for the presentation, and other people too for the show & tells and talk. Sorry we couldn’t start eating earlier and kids just didn’t stop talking so I was on “stealth mode”.

I’ve installed Fusion 360 at the end of January but haven’t tried it yet. I’m encouraged to model something soon.

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