Oak benches for the taking

My church took out a few church pews when renovating. I couldn’t watch them throw these great pieces away! All oak. My thought is they would make very nice short four foot benches like the ones that sat in the hallway. See the pictures. I took a 20, 16, and 6 footer. I cut them to 8 ft lengths. I just can’t handle the project with other things I have going on. Would anyone like this repurposing project? Tell me how to get ahold of you.

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Welcome to the Forum, Char.
I hope someone can repurpose these. they might make good porch seats or even rocking chairs,toy boxes,foot lockers, chests,fireplace wood boxes, shoe chests, seats to remove shoes, PU truck bed seats (might not hold up in the weather),bed rails and head board,…Anyone else have any suggestions?