Painted Plywood Shelves

I recently finished up these office shelves:

No joinery, just glue and brad nails. Worked out plenty strong, but some of the vertical dividers aren’t quite vertical. Next time I’m going to cut dados for them just so that it’s impossible to put together crooked.

Something also went wrong when I drilled the support holes. Each shelf is really supported by only 3 pins, with the fourth not quite lining up. Not sure what happened there.


Nice job,Tim. Did you use 3/4" plywood or solid wood?

This is 3/4" plywood, with edge-banding so you can’t see the plys through the paint.

Did you install the edge banding,Tim, or was it premade shelving material?


I ironed on edge banding myself. It was kind of a pain since the edge banding is slightly wider than the plywood edge, so I had to clean that up too. Next time I think I’ll cut trim in the table saw instead.

The way I trim that thin edge banding is with a block plane and a sanding block. If you are going to do it on the TS sandwich between a couple of pieces of material,and trim a tad wide, so you can sand it to size with a sanding block.
Just a suggestion.

nice job Tim…
to trim iron on banding… low angle block plane or a trim router w/ a modified base and trim bit…

flush-trim-jig.pdf (468.0 KB)


A jig like that would have made my life a lot easier! Next time…