Pullout pantry shelves

Pics of our pantry with pull-out shelves and clearance for hinges. Built by my cabinet maker brother in-law.


Very nicely done…
I like the nothing gets to hide feature…

Good show, that sure makes it easy to get to the back of the shelf.

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It looks like there are square holes on the vertical piece. Are those holes to adjust the height of the slides? Any change you could take the drawer out and take a few pics of how the slide is attached?

Hi Mark. We will be back in Minnesota in 2 weeks. I will check that out. I have not needed to move the shelves so I’m not sure how that works. I will also ask my brother in law for the source.

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So the shelf supports are from TennTex. I also saw that Rockler has the same system (Quick Tray rollout system). There are pictures on both sites to help you figure out door clearance. I will include a close-up of our pantry. Have fun!