Rockler Router Lift

A few year ago I bought an MCLS Tilting cast iron top router table. it has a sliding table. They were on sale and I bought a Bosch 16i17 router motor.

The fence was a piece of junk the 2 sides and the center were impossible to line up correctly,so I attached a plywood fence across full width of the table.

It has a tilt table, but tilts towards the front,so you have to go behind the table to adjust the height of the bit.

To remedy the adjustment ,I bought a barely used Rockler router lift. It was like brand new ,and got it for $40. because the guy that bought didn’t understand how to use it. Now the problem i that the castiron table only had a hole for the plastic insert around the bit.And I needed a hole for the plate on the router base.

So I had to adapt the Aluminum base to the cast iron table. The following picture are self explanatory.

I bought an Eagle I fence for it and now It is a super duper sliding table machine.

Since then I have built drawers under it and attached Dust Collection.


That was some undertaking Herb and you pulled it off so nicely…
KUDOS dude…

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