Rustic Bandsaw Boxes

Here are some rustic band Saw boxes made from the end cut-offs of some 4X12 Red Wood beams and a piece of spalted apple fire wood.

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Love your boxes! Do you make any boxes out of oak?

Char, thank you for the compliment,
I have not tried to make any BS boxes out of oak yet. These were Redwood and the little drawer was an old piece of Red Delicious Apple fire wood.
On the Drawer set, I laminated a block and cut it out for the drawers and mounted the drawer slides in it. Then I wrapped it in 1/8" thick veneer from the same piece of firewood as the block. The block was so rotten and wormy that I had to cut it all up to get any good material. however the grain was quite unique,so I showcased that on the veneer for the exterior of the project.