Searching for Woodworking teachers for North Seattle Makerspace

I’m the Event Coordinator for North End Makerspace, a new makerspace in North Seattle. We have a small woodshop and I would love to find some teachers to teach some skill building classes. We do not have a lot of equipment. We do not have a table saw. We have a 12" bandsaw, a miter saw, drill press, scroll saw, belt sander and hand held router (no table). We also have a 35’x35" CNC and various hand tools. Also a circular saw, jig saw and Dremel. We have a planar but I don’t think it’s working currently.
I’d love to see classes on small projects to build skills. Maybe band saw boxes? Picture frames?

We are a non profit, but we can pay, either by splitting the proceeds from the class 50-50 with the teacher or arrange a flat fee. Our woodshop is SMALL, so class size would have to be very small as well (probably not more than 4 students). We require all teachers, members, and students to show proof of vax and wear masks at this time, though we are re-evaluating our mask policy monthly.

I’d love to talk to anyone interested in helping us out by teaching a class, or answer any other questions you might have. If you are interested in teaching, I would recommend arranging to come by and see the shop so you can see the tools we have available. You can find general information at


Are you located north or south of Northgate?

We are located just north of Northgate at 125th and NE 15th.

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I’m moving up from Austin in a couple of weeks, where I’ve been an active member and shop steward at ASMBLY – (formerly known as ATX Hackerspace).

I’m mostly a hand tools guy, and I’m interested in teaching classes on hand planes, hand cut dovetails, that sort of thing, but I’d love to be generally involved in helping with the woodshop at North End Makerspace and/or Seattle Makers, once I’m settled in. Who can I reach out to in a couple weeks to learn more about the space and its future plans?


Hey! I moved here from Austin too (a looooong time ago). I’m looking forward to meeting you when you get here.
I"ll send you a PM about contact info. You can also always check out our website linked above.

I would contact Rockler in Northgate. They occasionally have classes/demos. Presumably people who can do it there can do it at your space as well.

Also, @emilyk, if you let me know your email address (PM or here) then I can forward this onto another mailing list of Seattle area woodworkers.