Selling Dust Collector Equipment and a Performax 16-32 Thickness Sander

Selling 2 separate lots.
I am downsizing my shop and going old school just using hand tools for small projects so selling the following which are used and in good working condition;

Pickup only from Federal Way, WA. Contact me by private message to arrange purchase of one or both lots.

•Lot 1: $450

1,250 CFM Penn Industries Dust Collector + Metal & Plastic Ducting + Blast Gates + Rockler Remote Control. Dust Collector is 1 ½ HP and runs on 120V, 15Amp circuit and has 4” Dust Port. Included are Blast Gates and Ducting (which actually cost more to buy than the Dust Collector). Dust Collector is 23”W x 35”L x 75”H.

Lot 2: $550

16-32 Performax Thickness Sander + 3 Sanding Rolls. Note stand is not included. Runs on 120V, 15 Amp circuit. 4” Dust Port. Is 23”w x 33”d.

Welcome to the forum,Bruce, Those are great prices on both lots. Good equipment too.
I hope they move fast.

Thanks, I hope it sells quick also but on the other hand will hate to see it go.

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