Selling Pallet of Ryobi Shop Tools

I have a pallet of ‘Display & Return without Boxes’ of Ryobi shop tools

  1. ea Cordless P553 7-14in Compound Miter Saws (Batteries not included)

1ea DP103L 10in 5sp Drill Press
1ea TS1346 14amp Corded 10in Compound Miter saw with LED Cutline Indicator
1ea 15amo 10in Compound “Portable” corded jobsite Table Saw with folding stand
1ea TSS103 - 15amp 10in Corded Compound Miter saw with LED cutline indicator

All on one pallet neatly wrapped. If someone would like to buy the entire pallet that’s great.
There a little over $1,200 of shop tools. $900 is fine

If no one wants the pallet, later on I’ll piece meal it out.
Thank you
Mr Tim

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This has been SOLD, thank you.

Welcome to the forum Mr.Tim, That was a good buy, will make a well equipped shop addition for someone. I am glad they sold so fast.

Thank you.

Actually it didn’t sell. … After I was told it was mine.

I was notified there was a dispute over ownership.

The second I heard that I went back & marked it as sold.

I didn’t want anyone hanging on the line.

& Good thing, I was notified later, I was not going to get it.

I totally agree with you & I chose here 1st because I thought it should go to a good home.

To people that would really appreciate it for what it is.


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That is too bad your deal fell through, who ever bought it came out with a bargain.
Thanks for thinking of our group.

There is still 3 lots available all the same & each $9,000
& DeWalt is a good name. If anyone is interested.
But not me, $9k is outside my limit.

If I had my way, I’d buy all three & stock up every wood shop in every school until I ran out of tools. & In my opinion something DeWalt should have already done with them.
A $30k Tax write off. & Schools are supplied. What’s the problem?
Don’t have a wood shop in school… Start one You’re DeWalt.
You should know how to train people.

Sorry off on a rant. But that’s how I feel.

Thanks for making contact Herb, Great group.
Don’t have a shop, yet. But this is where I belong.
I’ll be back.


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