Shaper Origin Handheld CNC Router


This same post has shown up in various woodworking forums, and people are suspicious of the seller. That doesn’t mean this is a scam, but it does mean you should exercise caution. If you’re interested in this item, make sure to read the discussion below and be careful. -Tim

Original Post

Shaper Origin SO1-NN. Only used about 3 times. Works perfectly. Has a little sawdust around the base but otherwise very clean. Feel free to message with any questions.
I got Shaper Origin SO1-NN for sale, it been use few times and still as good as new in good working condition, has a little sawdust around the base but otherwise very clean. This will be a good addition to your workshop as it has been to mine. Feel free to send me a Pm for more info on this product.
Set of tool change accessories, I’m letting this go for $2,050.00.

1 Roll of Shaper Tape

Set of tool change accessories
USB flash drive
1/4" up-cut spiral cutters
Two 1/8" up-cut spiral cutters
60° engraving cutter
Universal dust collection adapter
Tanos Systainer with custom supports

I appreciate you have a couple of extra cutters and the dust hose included but Shaper themselves is selling Gen 1 refurbs for $1900 right now

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This post was apparently a scam. If you have contacted Jon about this, be extra cautious.

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Same ad just showed up in a Facebook group. @rtwfroody is there a link to the scam evidence?

I haven’t seen it. I just trusted a report from a long time forum member.

Hi Andy thanks for this feedback. I only have this set same as it came and has only been used a few times for DIY builds and is still good as new, for the Price I forgot to include that it’s negotiable. This item is not refurbished, I hope this helps

I understand how skeptical you feel but all I want is to put my stuff here so I could get someone who really needs it, I was not fully aware of the price list online and it’s very negotiable. We do live to learn in life so don’t point fingers while you don’t have proof to support your claims.

Hey Jon - Tim is just trying to keep the forum safe. Maybe your cross posting everywhere has set off some alarm bells with people since other forums felt suspicious. Also being a new member nobody here knows you yet… come to a meeting sometime!

Send Tim a DM through the forums and I’m sure you can work something out.

There was an almost identical post in a facebook group from a completely different person the same day that I saw so not sure if you are posting under pseudonyms or if it was just a coincidence.

BTW - refurb from a company like Shaper doesn’t mean its been used for a while. Mostly they are ones that went out broken, or were returned unwanted for some other reason. The company will check them, fix whatever is wrong and sell them again but they cant sell them as new. For the most part a refurb will have almost no hours on it and be delivered as-new.


Honestly I don’t know how the forum works but thanks for making everything clear to me, Like I said earlier we do live to learn, Well I am still open for a negotiable price.

Hi Jon,

I’m in a bit of an awkward situation where it’s not clear who to believe. I didn’t shut down your account so you do have the opportunity to show your side.

I’m happy leaving this thread up for others to find and see. It’s clear that any buyer should be more careful than they would be from a fully trusted seller. At that point people can make their own decisions. I’ll edit the top post to tone down the language a little.


Happy Mid-Week
Good Morning everyone, after seeing current prices and listings online asking price is now $1,750, Shipping will the handled by the buyer