Shopmade Doweling Jig

I like to make shop made tools. One of the most recent was a doweling jig. It self centers on the boards to be doweled together. This one has the capacity for drilling 1/2" and 3/8" holes for the two different common sized dowels. It carries the two different sized drill bits and the bushings to guide the drills perpendicular to the stock being drilled.


nicely done Herb…
where did you get the bushings…
are there more sizes available???..

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I thought it was McMaster-Carr, but I just checked I didn’t find them. There are lots of them available. The 3/8 bushing slides inside the 1/2" bushing, and they are 1 1/2" long to make it easy to keep the drill bit vertical.
I forgot to mention, this is another use for scrap wood,

These were the Christmas present for the club members one year. There were 20 ea. of them.

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you are class act all your own Herb…


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