Shopmade Hand Planes

a few years ago WoodWorker Journal ran an article on how to make a Block Plane.
So I made one, it was so much fun I went on to make one for everyone in the club.
Here is the Plan pdf.

Block Plane Plan.pdf.pdf (2.5 MB)

In the next months magazine they showed how to make a metal Norris Infill Hand plane. It was more complicated so, made a couple of mock-ups out of wood before I attempted to make the metal one.

They came out satisfactory so I went ahead and made the metal one.

These were fun to make also. Then I looked up some designs on the internet of shop made planes and made a few more.

Here are some more Rabbit planes ,


I’m in awe of your talent Herb…

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Those are gorgeous! I’ve made quite a few planes, and they work well…but I’d be embarrassed to put them up against this lot.

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