Skagit Wood Expo

Skagit Wood Expo and Marketplace Report.

Big thanks to Mark and John for coordinating. The staffers and demonstrators for our group included:
Mark Martinez - Plane use and maintenance, Handcut Dovetails
John Gonder - Work in progress on round & elipse segmented table tops
Craig Colomb - Shaper Origin, Komiko
Will Anderson - Information guru, Google & Amazon knowledge Master
Hal Zimmer - Homemade Slab Flattening jig

This was the second year of this two day event, sponsored by the Northwest Corner Woodworkers Association and others. The plan is to have this a yearly event and it should be worth attending and participating.
Saturday was very well attended and Sunday the Tulips may have taken priority for some, but still a good turnout!

The big attraction for many was the huge inventory of slabs and roughcut lumber. There were sawmills (chainsaw, swing blade, and bandsaw), displays of woodworking techniques including turning, spoon carving, box making, slab flattening, and figure carving. We even got to see a performance by the Guiness World Record chain saw juggler! A wood auction on Sunday had some great bargains. (I had to sit on my hands to resist temptation!)

I would encourage the club to participate and attend next year, as it was a great way to exchange ideas, meet new craftsmen, and get inspiration for new projects. When the 2025 dates are announced we should plan for it!


Good write-up, Hal! Sounds like it was fun. Did you get many people stopping by our booth?

Wasn’t able to get there until the afternoon but enjoyed seeing John and Hal. Good setup. Lots of interesting things to see and people to talk to. Wish I had been there in the morning to see the others and some of the demos. Maybe next year.


@rtwfroody I didn’t get an exact count, but we refilled the brochure display 3 or 4 times. It was more traffic/interest than I was expecting.


The live demos were a great tool for pulling people in to chat about the club. Kudos to Craig, Mark, and Hal for bringing them!