Some Ideas for handmade gifts

Here is a website I ran across that is excellent for kick starting your own shop made gifts for all occasion. And to make it even better a step by step pictorial instructions. Read and enjoy.


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What a timely topic! Here’s a simple “round” jar that would be a nice little gift that you can make easily:

I don’t remember what angle I set my table saw to, but you cut strips at that angle. Then (or before) make a dado in the bottom. Cut a round shape for the bottom, and glue it all together.

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There are a couple of ways to figure the angle. First take the circumference you want, C=2X3.14Xradius. Divide that by the width of your wood strips = number of strips.
The second way is to divide the circumference C=360 ° by the number of pieces= angle

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this lady (the person behind 3x3 square) makes some pretty good videos on youtube and has made several interesting items.

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here are a couple three (ok, five) calculators to help w/ figuring the angles you’re looking for…

arc_calc.pdf (48.4 KB)
Calculating Polygons.pdf (232.3 KB)
Compound Angle Calculators.pdf (139.1 KB)
Segment Calculator.pdf (74.9 KB)

octagon layout

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