Suggest Resources

We all spend a lot of time on the web and I am thinking that this forum is a great place to post our collective wisdom of sites we have found useful. Perhaps both singular links to presentations on a particular topic that we found interesting, or a YouTube link to a person’s channel that is uniquely valuable. Let’s try to keep it minimally commercialized, but include unbiased reviews and references.

For example: Herb posted a very timely and engaging site for gifts made with scrap woods. I already have plans to try making some of these this weekend!

Have a good site for obtaining wood or donating extra? Post it.
Love or hate a tool you use? Discuss it.
Know a place for volunteering your skills? Share contact info.

There is so much out there that we would all benefit from this kind of sharing. Let’s post our “gems” for all to enjoy!

I agree, good point Hal, this can become a great source of trading ideas for all levels of wood working. Not only internet sources but step by step showing how we might execute an operation on something we build. Each member has a wealth of information in their heads that can be shared to other members.