Thanks for creating this Forum

I hope it is a great success to our members. It is a place we can trade ideas ,showcase our projects, sell tools and supplies that we don’t need anymore, get to know each other, and just generally communicate our woodworking.



I hope it turns into all of those things! Can you help us get some content here so it doesn’t look so empty. I imagine you’ve made at least one thing that you could post about in the Show and Tell category since our last in-person meeting. :slight_smile:


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Thanks Tim. This should be a valuable resource. Perhaps have a link on the NWWA website and a little flyer/sticker with the brochure once we know how this works. BTW, will this be moderated for appropriate content?

I’ll definitely put a link up once we decide it’s going to work well. (It looks good to me.) Also I’d like a few more topics so it doesn’t look so empty when we invite more people.

The software has support for moderators. I hope it won’t really be necessary for our small group. Would you like to be a moderator?

Thanks for setting this up - you certainly made quick work of the idea!


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Welcome to the forum, Don, good to see you here.

Great work Tim! I think the landing page alone, with a grid of visuals makes it a worthy upgrade. Much more appealing than the Google Groups page.