Thanks for creating this Forum

I hope it is a great success to our members. It is a place we can trade ideas ,showcase our projects, sell tools and supplies that we don’t need anymore, get to know each other, and just generally communicate our woodworking.



I hope it turns into all of those things! Can you help us get some content here so it doesn’t look so empty. I imagine you’ve made at least one thing that you could post about in the Show and Tell category since our last in-person meeting. :slight_smile:


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Thanks Tim. This should be a valuable resource. Perhaps have a link on the NWWA website and a little flyer/sticker with the brochure once we know how this works. BTW, will this be moderated for appropriate content?

I’ll definitely put a link up once we decide it’s going to work well. (It looks good to me.) Also I’d like a few more topics so it doesn’t look so empty when we invite more people.

The software has support for moderators. I hope it won’t really be necessary for our small group. Would you like to be a moderator?

Thanks for setting this up - you certainly made quick work of the idea!


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Welcome to the forum, Don, good to see you here.

Great work Tim! I think the landing page alone, with a grid of visuals makes it a worthy upgrade. Much more appealing than the Google Groups page.


I like it here…


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Well after over 6 mos. this seems to be going good. It is nice to see so many interesting projects, and trading good information.

It is a good way for all of us to show what we do to the rest of the members. Plus all the BIG projects you guys embark on. Remember to take pictures of different stages of the build so we can see the project evolve.
Keep them coming…

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