The best thing ever

The scout camp my son is staffing at had a Douglas fir or hemlock cut down and slabbed 10+ years ago. Its been sitting inside on stickers since. The ranger was going to cut it up for firewood.
But i got there in the nick of time!
Once my kitchen is done, i will be making 3 conference tables. The remainder are mine!


That looks like fun! These slabs look solid, and quite flat. Is that 4" thick? Way to save some lumber.

Make sure to plan ahead so you can fit the finished tables through your shop doors. :slight_smile:

Great find, you will have fun with those.


I’ll be doing most of the work in the carport.

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Are the tables for the camp?

There are three indoor spaces that the tables will go in.
The staff conference room, the main adult conferences room, and the small special purpose room. But all at camp

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You are going to earn your badge in woodworking.

A bonanza and then some… I’m so jealous…
to your table projects… KUDOS…

Mark gave me three of those slabs, and I am building one of those in my shop at home. It’s a fun challenge. Thanks, Mark!

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Welcome to the forum, Craig.
Be sure to post your progress, those will make lots of different things.

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Welcome to the forum, Craig…
and yes,progress reports please…

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Craig. Meetings are the last Thursday of the month. Next month is virtual. Message Tim and he’ll send you the link.


Mark.thanks to you and David for the demo and showing how easy it is to make hand cut dovetail joint. That has always been my weakness, I must confess, so I fell back on box joints machine made.
The meeting was a success in my opinion otherwise too. Lots of new faces, some regular members, and younger people too was a bonus.
A big hand goes to Tim Newsome our leader and those on the steering commitee keeping things going after the pandemic.
It was nice to meet in person with some of the names an faces we see here on the forum.

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