The original Incra Jig

If you ever run across the Original Incra Jig at a garage sale and are thinking of building your first router table, be sure to pick it up.

For a beginner at table routing it is very handy ,without having to wade through learning the newer matal ones that are somewhat complicated. And you can download all the instructions for Incra site if they are not included.
I did that years ago, when I was getting started in table routing. I bought a Rockler basic table and the plate for the router I had at the time. It was easy to set up and get started. The only thing lacking was the dust collection. So this is a post on how to put dust collection on the Incra Jig if it is dedicated to a router table. The white plastic box (sides and top) slide in and out with the fence adjustments.

The Incra jig is the black plastic assembly sitting on top of the channel I used to form the dust chute.