THU, MAR 30 · 6:00 PM, NWWA at Woodcraft: Extended Show and Tell

Unfortunately our presenter can’t make the meeting, so we will not have a presentation about the Shaper Origin router.

As a fall-back, we’ll extend the show-and-tell. If you have made something, or have a unique tool, that you haven’t shared with the group before, this is a great opportunity to do so. This also means there will be plenty of time for q-and-a.

If you want to do a show-and-tell but can’t bring the actual piece, you can bring pictures on a USB stick.

Woodcraft will close at 6pm, which is exactly when our meeting starts.

If you get there before 6pm, you can browse the store a bit, and find us in the classroom in the back.

If you get there after 6pm, you’ll have to come in through the back door which we’ll have propped open. Here’s a map that shows how to get there from the front door:

Sadly I can’t make it this time (I got a minor injury and the pain killer makes me not comfortable driving in evening), but I’m looking forward to be there next time!

Sorry to hear that, @Yuka. I hope your recovery goes well.

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