Where to get large walnut slabs

I have someone looking for a single 60"x30" walnut slab. Not looking for anything that needs epoxy work to fill large voids or complete the rectangle. Yeah, I know that’s pretty big for a single piece.

I’ve told them about Live Edge in Duval and Edensaw in PT… anywhere else local? Otherwise looks like it’s all down in Oregon

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Walnut is not too common here, but your right California and Oregon has it.
Have you checked https://www.liveedgehardwoods.com/ they are in Duvall, WA.?

Best Selection of large walnut slabs in the Puget Sound is at Edensaw in Port Townsend, they have a large selection of European, American and Carlo Walnut in their warehouse (at least they did about a month ago when I was there) with sizes larger than the size you are looking for.

There is also a place in Ballard called City Trees Furniture (http://citytreesfurniture.com). They salvage trees around Seattle and have a large selection of walnut.

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Wane + flitch in tacoma has slabs but you really need to go and walk around.

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